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Integrated Massage
Your integrated massage combines:  Hot Stones, LomiLomi, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic bodywork. Massage is a balance between effective therapy and relaxation. The above techniques are integrated based on each client's specific needs and to achieve optimal results for your session. 


Integrated Massage Pricing:

30 minute - $60.00

60 minute - $125.00

90 minute - $175.00

Hot Stone Massage
This ancient method combined with modern massage techniques places 16 heated stones on the body at specific points. Heated stones are then used throughout the massage. The soothing warmth of the stones dissolves deep muscle tension and balances the nervous system. During this treatment you benefit by continuous heat therapy, relief to stressed muscle, and deeper relaxation. 

Hot Stone Pricing:

90 minute - $195.00 

Oncology Massage
Promotes relaxation and helps reduce side effects of treatment: pain, swelling, fatigue, nausea, and depression.

Oncology Massage Pricing:

60 minute - $135.00 

 " I was lucky enough to be given Diane's name as I was recovering from partial knee replacement. I teach dance and am active in yoga, Pilates and was eager to combine massage therapy into my recovery plan along with traditional PT. From the moment I walked in Diane was professional, welcoming, knowledgeable and kind. I knew she would be an invaluable part of  regaining my strength and returning to do what I do pain free. I can not imagine my healing would go as well without her treatment. Her style of massage therapy is reviving, healing and helps me progress forward. I am grateful to have found ReNew and look forward to a continued long relationship." K.P.G., Newburyport

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