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Today's modern world can place excessive demands on our mind and body that at times can affect and challenge our health and well being. ReNew is here to help you achieve your body's innate and natural ability to restore and heal, whether you are dealing with a short or long term health setback or just need some time-out to relax.


We focus on treating the body as a whole by allowing your mind and body to relax and work together to restore muscular imbalances, postural alignment, range of motion and promote balance that enhance your quality of life.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Diane and her magical hands now for a couple of years. She has an intuitive way of working, knowing exactly what your body needs at any given time. She's rescued me on many occasions when my neck,shoulders or lower back are rock solid from sitting at my desk too long or bad life choices. She's incredibly responsive and kind. I know once I arrive at Diane's sanctuary of healing I'm going to be OK. I can't recommend her services enough."


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